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Construction Law

The Florida Bar has certified construction law as an area that attorneys may specialize in.  It says, "Lawyers certified in construction law deal with matters related to the design and construction of improvements on private and public projects." 

This area of practice involves everything from initial contracts to transform an idea into a plan, to contracts for building the plans and specifications. 



Practice before the bankruptcy court is unique.  Federal bankruptcy law and procedure are intertwined with state law. Understanding these concepts allows the parties to form strategies to respond for the best available outcome.  For example, nothing puts a halt to pending state court litigation faster than filing a petition for bankruptcy relief.  But, just because someone uttered the "b" word, doesn't necessarily mean that is the end of it.  Know your rights so that you can make informed decisions on how to proceed.  

Mediation Services



The Florida Supreme Court certifies mediators for certain courts, including Circuit Civil court.  Mediators assist the parties in reaching a voluntary agreement to settle some or all of the issues between them in a confidential setting.  Most cases are referred to mediation before a trial is held.  Mediation gives the parties some control over the outcome of their dispute.  Using a mediator with knowledge in the areas underlying the issues between the parties streamlines the efforts and avoids "educating" the mediator on your nickel!  Learn more about our background on the Attorneys page. 



 The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts for the Northern and Middle Districts of Florida have established mortgage modification programs through Chapter 13 bankruptcies.  This is a "fast track" program designed to bring debtors/borrowers and creditor/lenders together for an informal discussion in a structured format.  The discussions may include reduction in interest rate, reduction in principal balance, or moving missed payments to the end of the repayment period.  The programs use experienced mediators who have been approved by the Court to mediate these cases.  Call today to schedule your mediation.